Dental Implants For Younger People

Circle Woman Livonia MIAre you in need of a prosthodontic tooth replacement after an extraction? While the discussion of dental implants is often centered around age-related tooth loss, this approach can be a helpful solution for adults of a wide range of ages. This approach can even help you to maintain your appearance, as you could lose density and mass in the bone tissue of your jaw. Sometimes, this loss can affect the way that you look, even with an appliance-based approach such as a bridge.

To learn more about your options, Dr. James R. Stewart, Jr, DDS is available to help you through the process at our office in Livonia, MI. If you require a tooth extraction, discuss your specific needs in a consultation with a trusted and knowledgeable source. Our practice can help you to regain confidence in your smile with a method that builds strength from an unparalleled connection between your jaw and your new solution! (more…)

A Solution That Blends In

Heptagon Livonia MIIf you are looking into the possibility of a tooth replacement after an extraction, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed at the process. For many patients, they have never thought much about the concept, until they have to confront the situation directly. There are multiple avenues to the prosthodontic replacement of one or more of your existing natural teeth, but one in particular brings the advantage of a connection to the bone of your jaw.

Speak with Dr. James R. Stewart, Jr, DDS in Livonia, MI about your possibilities in the placement of a dental implant to take the place of your missing tooth. This process uses a durable titanium rod to serve as the post for a prosthetic attachment, which stays permanently, matching the shade of your existing enamel. If your prosthetic ever becomes damaged, or even if it begins to fit differently, come back and we can discuss a different attachment, all while your implant post remains the same. For a solution that checks all the boxes, speak with Dr. Stewart about your possibilities! (more…)

A Decision For Your Future

Headphones Livonia MIThe loss of one or more of your existing natural teeth can feel overwhelming if you are not prepared. Take the time to speak with a trusted prosthodontic professional about your tooth replacement needs, as this is a pivotal point. It can be helpful to keep an open mind about your options and find a solution that fits your particular needs. There is one option that brings you a versatile option with lasting stability in dental implants.

The process of placing your new dental implants can bring you a beautiful new prosthodontic solution. Speak with Dr. James R. Stewart, Jr, DDS in Livonia, MI about how a titanium post can give you a durable connection that is built to thrive as you age. For solutions that include more than one tooth, implants have the ability to support your needs, even up to a whole mouth of implant-supported dentures. Discover the versatility of dental implants! (more…)

How Implants Help You

Suit Livonia MIIf you are facing a tooth extraction procedure, you might be preparing yourself for your next steps. One increasingly popular option is the placement of dental implants. This process uses the aid of a threaded titanium post to derive strength from your jawbone. Implants also help to stimulate the location so that your body keeps caring for your bone tissue. This makes this process a different approach than appliance-based replacement solutions, which can keep your repair above the gumline.

Speak with Dr. James R. Stewart, Jr., DDS in Livonia, MI about your options in prosthodontic repair. Dental implants are a helpful way of restoring your bite function after your tooth extraction. Replace your compromised existing tooth with a beneficial prosthetic that not only functions well, but blends in with the rest of your smile. This form of dental renewal offers immediate advantages and can also help maintain your smile into the future! (more…)

Look Your Best With Quality Prosthodontics

Older Woman Livonia MIThe removal of an ailing tooth can sometimes feel like a despairing situation, but there is hope available to you. Prosthodontic care refers to the replacement of a missing or extracted tooth. Traditional means provide a stable source for chewing and can appear life-like, but there is an unparalleled connection with a dental implant. This approach utilizes a sturdy titanium post which rests within the bone of your jaw.

Through a chemical mechanism known as osseointegration, your body positively interacts with the new metal implanted post. After recovery, a new durable and gorgeous prosthetic tooth can finalize your replacement process. Speak with Dr. James Stewart, DDS in Livonia, MI about the possibility of replacing one or more of your natural teeth with a solution built on science. This approach can help you to retain as much of your natural bone matter at the site of tooth loss. It can also work to keep your bite strong through bone stimulation. Continue to flourish after losing one or more of your teeth! (more…)

The Astounding Versatility Of Implants

MTM Livonia MIAs you grow older, you might be anticipating future instances of tooth loss in addition to your existing gap. This is a natural part of the aging process and prosthodontic repair with the use of a dental implant can help. These replacements utilize the method of osseointegration to connect snugly to the jaw by working with our immune system. Other instances may require unique solutions in dental repair. Implants bring broad capabilities when it comes to restoring the strength and appearance of your smile.

You can continue to thrive through the loss of one or more of your teeth. From a single replacement scenario to a full mouth of implant-supported dentures, this technology brings wide appeal to the world of prosthodontics. Discover how dental implants can help you here at your Livonia, MI dentist. Let osseointegration work to retain your jaw bone matter in spite of your instance of tooth loss! (more…)