Restoring Your Bite With An Implant

Looking Up SmileWhen you lose one or more of your natural teeth, it is time to talk to a quality dentist about your options in renewing your smile. Prosthodontic repair helps you to have a new artificial tooth where you have lost one, so take the time to schedule a consultation to learn about the differences between your available replacements. One possibility is the placement of a beautiful new biocompatible dental implant, which gives you a strong connection to your new prosthetic.

At our office of prosthodontic professionals in Livonia, MI, you have an opportunity to give your smile a lasting repair through the use of dental implant technology. This exciting technique is rapidly becoming an industry standard in the world of tooth replacement, and it starts with the implantation of a sturdy titanium rod within the bone of your jaw. From single-tooth solutions to a full mouth of implant-retained dentures, this technology has brought new strength to your prosthodontic possibilities. Talk to your dentist about whether this is the next step for your smile!

Implant Technology Helps You To Find A Lasting Tooth Replacement

If you have lost a tooth, take the time to talk to your dentist about your options in prosthodontic repair. Every mouth has their own set of strengths and weaknesses, so it is helpful to talk with an oral health professional about the differences between a dental bridge and an implant. Both of these techniques aim to repair your gap, but they take a decidedly different approach.

With a new dental implant, you can restore your smile with a solution that connects directly to your jaw. This means that your prosthetic has a sturdy anchor within your bone tissue, which can bring you numerous benefits. One of the main advantages of a biocompatible solution is that your titanium post can give you confidence in your bite!

How Does A Dental Implant Provide A Sturdy Connection?

The process of placing a new implant starts with a durable titanium rod that is threaded on the end, similar to a bolt. Through an interesting biochemical mechanism known as osseointegration, your body recognizes this material as if it were actually your own natural material. This allows your new prosthodontic solution to remain in place and stay strong into the future. During your short period of recovery, you will heal around the threads in your implant post, and once you have healed, your dentist will attach your gorgeous new custom prosthetic!

Talk To Dr. Stewart In Livonia, MI About Your Tooth Replacement!

Your instance of tooth loss is not the end of your journey. To learn more about dental implants, or to schedule your next appointment, speak with Dr. James R. Stewart, Jr, DDS at (734)425-4400 today!