Month: October 2018

Common Implant Concerns And How We Can Help

Are you interested in doing more than just replacing missing teeth with the traditional route? Instead, would you love to learn about the type of dental implant pathway that will work for your smile? However, you are convinced that due to some type of issue with your smile or your needs, you just won’t be… Read more »

Implant Tips: Be Careful This Halloween

Are you so very excited that you have a complete smile, thanks to dental implants, which means you can actually thoroughly enjoy this upcoming Halloween? Now, you can dig into all of your favorite treats with reckless abandon, right? Well, not so fast! True, you’ve got your complete set of teeth now, which makes chewing… Read more »

Q&A: Might Mini Implants Be Just What You Need?

What are you waiting for when it comes to choosing dental implants for yourself? Does it have something to do with feeling concerned that you’re almost a candidate for implants but you figure problems like anxiety regarding oral surgery or a depletion in your jawbone’s volume and health may mean you’re not exactly a prime… Read more »

Dental Implants: Too Young, Too Old, Or Just Right?

There are so many thoughts that can fill your head as you investigate dental implants that you might find it dizzying, overwhelming, or just “too much.” We get it. However, we also like to remind patients that there’s no need to go into overdrive when thinking about implants or wondering about candidacy. Determining the details… Read more »

Answering Common Questions: The Implants-And-Smoking Topic

Talking about a smoking habit and whether it affects dental implant candidacy is something that we hear about regularly. It might be something you have some assumptions about (many patients figure they are simply out of the running for implants if they use any type of tobacco). The truth is, this isn’t a general question… Read more »