What Makes A Dental Implant Look Natural?

When you suffer from one or more missing teeth, then your overall oral health suffers and you could develop serious complications, including an aged appearance and further tooth loss. In order to address tooth loss with a long-lasting solution, and one that looks natural, your Livonia, MI, dentist may suggest a dental implant. But what makes them such a natural-looking replacement option?


After Dental Implants: How to Care for Your New Smile

One of the best things about receiving dental implants to replace your lost teeth is the highly lifelike way in which they rebuild your smile. Not only is your restoration virtually indistinguishable from the rest of your healthy, natural teeth, but the implant posts that anchor it to your jaw give it a highly lifelike level of comfort and stability. Once you receive your dental implants, though, ensuring their long-term success (and the continued good health of your smile) requires properly caring for your dental implants, teeth, and oral tissues on a consistent basis. (more…)

Tooth Loss and the Benefits of Dental Implants

Once a tooth is lost, the effects seem obvious. Depending on where the tooth was along your dental ridge, it might be more or less obvious to others when you smile. However, it’ll be hard to miss the gap every time you brush and floss your remaining teeth, or run your tongue over them. Despite the immediately noticeable impacts of losing a tooth, though, there are several less obvious impacts that make the benefits of dental implants more profound than you might realize. Designed to mimic your lost teeth roots, implants don’t just fill the gap in your smile; they also help reestablish all that your smile has lost along with your tooth and its root. (more…)

Is Replacing Missing Teeth With Implants A Good Resolution?

The new year will be here in just the blink of an eye (yes, we know, you’ve still got the entirety of the holiday season preceding the start of the brand new year to get through first but that certainly won’t stop 2020 from arriving more quickly than you imagine!). With that said, our Livonia, MI team would like to offer you any support you may need if you’ve been considering replacing missing teeth with dental implants one of your top resolutions. First, in response to whether this is a good idea, the answer is a big yes! As for why and what to do next, we’re on it!


Implants: Yep, The Emotional Hurdles You’re Facing Are Normal! 

There are obvious hurdles you can see coming from a mile away, when you decide it’s time to learn about dental implants. Maybe your smile isn’t as healthy as it could be. Perhaps your schedule is packed, so setting up a visit seems difficult. However, what you may not expect? Emotional hurdles you didn’t see headed your way. The good news? Our Livonia, MI team is here to remind you that they’re quite common and that we’re here to help you overcome them!


Implants: It’s Okay, Starting Something New Is … New! 

When you’re starting something that’s completely new, you usually don’t know anything yet. Of course, that’s just how things go! It’s new territory, after all. So, when you are dealing with your first (and hopefully last) go around with missing teeth and then, to make things a bit more complicated, you’re tasked with figuring out how to replace them with dental implants, that’s a lot of newness all condensed down into one (often overwhelming) experience. Phew! So, what to do? Well, as far as our Livonia, MI team is concerned, you say goodbye to the frantic feelings and hello to our practice. We’re here to help.


Yes, You’re Allowed To Feel Excited About Your Implants

As you know, there’s quite a lot that dental implants offer you. Of course, you know, too, that there are lots of more serious factors to consider along the way, as you think that implants may be just what you need: You think about the financial aspect, you consider how long it will take and the fact that you require oral surgery, and more! As a result, you may feel as though you’re supposed to feel quite serious all the time if not somber about the fact that you’re missing some teeth at the moment. To this, our Livonia, MI team says: Not at all! While there’s certainly time for serious consideration, you can absolutely feel excited and enjoy the experience! Learn more.


Dental Implants: Tooth Replacement Timeline Questions! 

One particular factor that we hear mentioned time after time, in regard to dental implants, is of course: Time! You find that when you’re thinking about choosing implants, not choosing implants, etc., you start to wonder … will selecting them sooner or later, before or after other choices for your smile, and more have any major impact? Does it really matter, you ask our Livonia, MI team? As always, we will remind you that for answers specific to best choices for your smile, it’s a good idea to schedule a consultation with us. As for some general information that can give you a quick preview, we’re on it!


Implants: How They “Save” You! 

It’s no secret to you that a dental implant is a prosthetic that replaces your missing tooth’s roots. You know, as well, that once that implant is ready, it will go on to support a dental crown (or to help support a larger prosthetic, such as a bridge). What you may not have put together just yet, however, is the fact that selecting implants means you’re saving in some way! Perhaps the implants are the ones doing the saving. Or, maybe you find that (shockingly) your finances don’t suffer in the long run, though you assumed they would. Prepare for some enlightening notes from your Livonia, MI team, for a new outlook!


Teeth In A Day: Why Skip Implant Centers And Opt For Your Dentist?

The amazing news that our Livonia, MI team would love to share with you is: Your Livonia dentist recently completed a training course in providing Teeth in a Day. This is a dental implant treatment in which you may receive implants and restorations in one visit. The not so great news? We are aware that there are some implant centers out there that offer the same type of treatment but we worry our patients will overlook the fact that receiving such care from a dentist (with whom you establish a relationship) is extremely significant! Learn more about why!