Implants: Yes, You Can Ask Us That, Too!

Do you feel shy? Sheepish? Embarrassed? A little hesitant? If you can relate to such emotional responses to the desire to ask us question about dental implants and associated details, then our Livonia, MI team has one thing to say to you: Ask anyway! While we are not the ones asking and cannot necessarily know what you’re feeling, we do know that we want to be as clear as possible when we tell you that any question is a good question if you’re seeking information about your oral health. To help you see that we really mean what we say, we offer up common questions that are frequently asked and to which we are pleased to respond, so you just might feel inspired to bring us your inquiries.


Why The “Last Forever” Aspect Of Implants Is So Wonderful

You hear lots of times from many different sources that dental implants are going to last forever and ever! This sounds pretty exciting, especially when you consider the fact that most types of dental care will eventually need to be replaced (this is true of other prosthetic devices that rely on traditional support, such as a partial denture or a dental bridge placed over your teeth). However, beyond that fact, you may have a hard time actually placing value on this assumed benefit. Is this really something to feel that excited about? Or not? Let our Livonia, MI team elaborate, so you begin to see what makes the longevity of implants so fantastic.


Implants: What Sorts Of Tooth Loss Do We Treat?

You may wonder, though you know dental implants can help with tooth loss, if your sort of tooth loss is going to qualify for the use of implants. For instance, are your needs too basic, you might wonder? Have you simply lost too many teeth? Are there any constraints or are you free to consider implants no matter the level of damage, the reason for your missing teeth, or the amount? Fortunately, these are questions our Livonia, MI team can very easily address and clear up for you. Learn more, so you recognize there’s no time like the present to get started with completing your smile!


How Do Implants Really Compare to Other Prostheses?

With so many different options for replacing lost teeth, it may not always be obvious what benefits one option may have over another. For example, when you’ve lost one or more teeth, your dentist might recommend replacing them with dental implants rather than a conventional bridge or partial denture. At our Livonia, MI, dentist’s office, we often recommend implants because of the many different benefits they offer compared to more conventional prostheses. (more…)

New Year’s Countdown (Dental Implant Style)

As the new year makes its debut, many people think about what they could do differently in the coming year. If you have received dental implants in Livonia, MI (or are considering how dental implants might improve your life) we want to offer a New Year’s Eve countdown, dental implant style. Whether you decide to toast with a glass of champagne, sparkling cider or tooth-friendly water, grab a glass and get ready to welcome 2019! (more…)

Why Would I Choose Implant Dentures?

You might wonder why you would choose implant dentures when you have access to lots of other implant-supported restorations like dental crowns, which allow you to replace one individual tooth at a time. The truth is, all implant-and-restoration combinations provide you with amazing stability, beauty, and function! So, while you may start out assuming crowns are “the best,” you may realize over time that something like dentures as your restoration can provide you with what you really need and want. Find out more as our Livonia, MI team talks up some often overlooked benefits of choosing implants to support dentures!


Implants: How To Make The Most Of 2019

While there’s not a right way … or a wrong way … to approach your interest in dental implants for your smile, one thing is certain: There is definitely a pathway that will help you make the absolute most of 2019 if you are thinking that implants may be for you. As you might imagine, if you wait until December of next year to begin learning about implants, you won’t have time to actually receive them. However, if you think over some of the steps our Livonia, MI recommends for you in terms of optimizing your use of time in the new year, you will be quite pleased with the progress you make!


What Does It Mean To Be An Implant Wearer?

You may usually think about implants from the perspective of how they will be able to help you, should you choose them. However, our Livonia, MI team encourages you to instead spend a bit of time visualizing your life as if you are already a dental implant wearer. What does your life feel like on a daily basis? On a long term basis? When you imagine your smile from this outlook, you can often gain a better sense of what it will really mean for you to choose implants to complete your grin.


What An Implant Is (And Is Not)

You may think that you know just what to make of a dental implant. However, if you start talking about what an implant is not, you may find that you’re feeling the slightest bit confused. You know, for instance, that it is a tooth replacement. However, do you know whether it is (or is not) a complete replacement, allowing you to restore your entire tooth? If you are realizing you may have a little more to learn in regard to this stable, long-lasting solution to missing teeth, then it is our Livonia, MI team’s pleasure to offer up the education you need!


Happy Thanksgiving! See Us Soon!

It’s about that time: Turkey Time! As we wrap up the final day before Thanksgiving, when you gather with friends and loved ones for a nice relaxing day (once you’re finished cooking, that is), we reflect on all that has happened this year. There’s a bit of 2018 left and we would like to remind you that there’s plenty of time to get started with any type of care that you need or to continue on by coming in for assistance with current dental work. If you have been thinking about dental implants for a while now or need anything from our Livonia, MI team, we invite you to come on in! Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!