Month: February 2019

How You Find Yourself Needing An Implant!

It’s not that you don’t love the fact that you have access to dental implants! It’s more about the fact that you wonder: What types of problems might lead you to actually lose a tooth, landing you at our Livonia, MI practice? We are happy to help you more clearly see that there are so… Read more »

Easy Ways To Ease The Pressure: Implant Safety!

There’s emotional pressure and then there’s literal physical pressure. When we’re talking about keeping your dental implants safe from harm, of course, we do hope that you realize you’ve really got to safeguard them from the latter of those types of pressure! Remember that when you press too hard on restorations, they can crack or… Read more »

4 Times You Will Love Having Implants

You think a lot about what life will be like when caring for dental implants, you learn all about the scientific details, you find out the information you need in regard to longevity, and more. As you may have guessed, of course, the most exciting part of receiving implants to replace teeth you have lost is… Read more »

Dental Implants, Pain, And What To Do

If your smile contains dental implants and restorations, then you are likely already well informed regarding what you should do in order to keep your mouth healthy in terms of dental hygiene and preventive visits. However, what may be a bit more foreign to you is what exactly is going on if pain shows up… Read more »