Month: December 2017

Avoid These Risky Dental Implant Habits

A dental implant can transform your smile. Whether it is one tooth, several teeth, or a full implant-supported denture, knowing you can smile, eat comfortably and speak clearly can be life-changing. The implant actually becomes a part of your jawbone through the process of osseointegration. While implants generally can be cared for just as you… Read more »

Dental Implants: Focus On 2018

No, the year is not quite through just yet (but it’s about to be). Rather than suddenly becoming frantic about choosing dental implants for yourself and getting the ball rolling, we strongly encourage you to take it easy and think about your plans for 2018 instead. That way, you can have a nice experience, rather… Read more »

Choosing Implants: Why You Don’t Need To Agonize Over It

When you realize that you may be a wonderful candidate for replacing missing teeth with dental implants, this might introduce some unexpected frustration in your life. On one hand, this is absolutely fabulous news! Implants can be very beneficial to those with tooth loss. However, you are now faced with what feels like the burden… Read more »

Bruxism And Implants: Things To Consider

When you have successfully received dental implants and are enjoying the many benefits that come with that decision, what you don’t want is to end up with a problem. Unfortunately, you may overlook the fact that if you are someone who deals with bruxism disorder … this could be the very type of problem you… Read more »

Want Implants? Things To Do This Holiday!

What do you want for your smile? Are dental implants probably going to be your replacement choice? If you think that this is where you’re headed but you’ve got the upcoming holidays in the way of making your ultimate decision, then we suggest you use this time to your benefit! Consider some smart ways to… Read more »