Month: May 2019

Implants: Worried About The Process? We Can Help.

Sometimes, when you’re selecting dental care for yourself, you hear it referred to simply as a visit or as a treatment. When the topic is dental implants and you’d like to rely on them to replace your teeth, you may more often than not hear terms more like, process, journey, and placement. As a result,… Read more »

Good Times To See Us (About Implants)

There are some things in life that we really want to do. However, sometimes we have a hard time following through with getting motivated and actually moving forward. When it comes to coming in to see our Livonia, MI team to learn about dental implants or to find out even more, well, this is one… Read more »

Take A No-Pressure Approach To Implants

You want dental implants, of course, or you at least think they sound like they may be a very interesting solution for your smile needs! However, when you start to even consider investigating them, you find that you feel some amount of emotional pressure. You feel like you should make a decision right away. You… Read more »

Implant Choices: Lining Out The Essential Factors

When you begin learning about dental implants, it’s exciting! There are so many things to learn about and as you recognize that implants are so versatile, you realize that you are certainly not without options. However, as you start trying to make your final choice for your smile, you may realize that with so many… Read more »

How Can I Approach Complete Tooth Loss?

When you are facing complete tooth loss and you would like to fully restore your smile, you may wonder where to begin. Some patients assume they will need to select traditionally supported full dentures. However, this is not necessarily the case! While they may provide you with one solution, our Livonia, MI team reminds you… Read more »