Month: November 2017

3 Things To Consider About Implant Dentures

Are you sort of thinking about considering implant dentures but you’re still waiting for some compelling reasons to say goodbye to the traditional support you’re used to and to jump in to the world of dental implants? If you have some amount of interest and a heap of questions, we think it’s worth your time… Read more »

Holiday Time: Want Implants? Start Now!

Are you sad that you are going to have to spend the holidays with missing teeth? Wish you would have started sooner on considering dental implants to restore your smile since tooth loss made its appearance? Since we’re in the here and now, let’s focus on what you can accomplish by getting your implant experience… Read more »

Implant Protection: Keep Dry Mouth In Check

When you’re a dental implant wearer, you want to do what you can throughout the day to keep your implants safe. You know, of course, that this is not something you should stress about. Generally speaking, when you’re thoughtful about your food choices, you keep up with your oral health care (brushing and flossing), and… Read more »