Month: September 2018

Patient Info: 3 Things To Bring Up With Our Team!

We know that when you think about your future with dental implants, it immediately brings a smile to your face. Then, however, that smile might begin to fade when you remember that the end result seems very exciting to you but you still have some uncertainties about what goes on from right now up through… Read more »

It May Be Time To Think Again: Why Not Choose Implant Dentures?

You might hear the word “denture” and immediately ignore even entertaining the thought of this particular restoration. However, this may not be to your advantage. At all! Did you know that relying on implant dentures is in many ways, much different than traditionally supported dentures? Did you know that no matter the type, some of… Read more »

Implants: The Stuff You’re Hearing Versus What’s Real

One of the things that frequently gets in the way of patients quickly coming in to take care of oral health problems, such as missing teeth, is the fact that they hear things along the way that dissuade them. At first, you might have the simple thought that you’d like to consider dental implants. However,… Read more »

Do I Need Implants To Replace Wisdom Teeth?

Let’s talk about the times you need dental implants to replace your teeth. Then, let’s talk about the times you don’t! Let’s begin with the times you do: When you’re missing teeth that you need in your smile, then it’s time to do something to ensure you have a prosthetic standing in their place. However,… Read more »