Month: June 2019

Implants: Questions You Don’t Have To Feel Weird Asking 

You might feel sort of funny asking certain questions of us. Of course, you know that our Livonia, MI team is always encouraging you to ask us anything that’s on your mind, as you’re learning about dental implants! However, you may still wonder: Do we really mean this? Or, are we just being nice? Allow… Read more »

Dental Implants: Remember To Think (Months) Ahead

Today, our Livonia, MI team reminds you that when you want dental implants for your smile, it’s very important to get started nice and early! As in, months or even a year or so in advance. So, why do you have to plan so early, you wonder, when you can make choices about traditional prosthetics… Read more »

Your Dental Implants: Food Textures To Limit And Avoid

You know that the foods you eat have the potential to harm your oral health and you may even have a bit of an advanced understanding of the way certain choices promote issues like decay, gingivitis, and more. While you should always put all of your knowledge to full use to protect your smile, today,… Read more »

Implant Dentures: 3 Fast Facts

Implant dentures have been around for a while, but until there is a reason to begin implant research, most people allow themselves to remain unaware of the particular details. You may have a vague idea that implant dentures in Livonia, MI can securely restore a smile when all the teeth are missing on an upper… Read more »