Month: May 2017

What Causes Missing Teeth?

When a patient loses a tooth, we may recommend a dental implant. Should a patient lose multiple teeth, we can use multiple implants to secure prosthetics, with implant-retained bridges, partial and full dentures, mini-implants, and even All-on-4 teeth in a day. But what causes missing teeth? Why do we lose teeth as adults?

What Do You Know About Dental Implants?

How familiar are you with the benefits of dental implants? In today’s blog, we’re offering a little quiz to highlight many of the advantages offered by implant technology. Restoring your lost teeth can improve your appearance, as well as your overall oral health. Using implants to accomplish this can also mean enjoying long lasting and… Read more »

FAQS: How Do I Avoid Tooth Loss?

When a patient loses a tooth, we’re ready to help them enjoy a whole smile again with a lifelike dental implant, or possibly an implant-retained prosthetic. However, we would prefer to help our patients maintain their natural teeth. What can be done to avoid tooth loss?

Common Risks Associated With Tooth Loss

Have you lost one or more of your permanent teeth? You may feel embarrassed about your smile’s appearance, but the real trouble is just beginning. Unless addressed, tooth loss can lead to a number of serious oral health complications for your overall health and your appearance. What dangers does tooth loss pose? Can dental implants… Read more »

What If I Need A Bridge Or Partial?

We’ve discussed how we can use them to replace a single tooth, or to secure a full set of dentures. But what about tooth loss that is advanced, but not enough to require a full set of dentures? In these situations, we can actually use dental implants to secure a dental bridge or even a… Read more »