Month: August 2018

Implants: Don’t Worry, You’ll Have Time To Think It Over

There might be a part of you that wants nothing more than to spend some one-on-one time with our team, as you learn all about what you can expect if you choose dental implants. While the information you already have about them leads you to believe they’ll be a nice solution for you, there’s something… Read more »

Reasonable Reasons You Want Implants

What’s reasonable when it comes to feeling interested in dental implants? Since they give you such a fantastic and long-lasting solution to your missing teeth, the answer is really “just about anything.” However, we our Livonia, MI practice knows that it helps you feel more confident about heading into this journey when you feel that… Read more »

3 Reasons You Want An Implant As Placeholder!

There are lots and lots and lots of reasons you may consider coming in to talk about dental implants for your smile. You might think that they will provide you with the best looking smile, you may feel extremely comfortable and confident in the fact that they will help protect your jaw health, etc. When… Read more »

Implants: Consider Them A Multi-Faceted Investment

There are so many lenses through which you can look at dental implants as an option for your smile. While this is true, you may find that as you try to consider whether they’re a wise option for you or not, you might be recycling the same information over and over in your mind. When… Read more »

Planning Your Implant Timeline: How To Do It

There are lots of things to think about as you’re considering doing something about your tooth loss, particularly when you decide that you’re ready for dental implants! One of those major factors you might find yourself uncertain about but that is very important: Your timeline. How long is it all going to take, when should… Read more »