Month: September 2017

Dental Implants: Time-Related Questions

Are you excited when you think about one day receiving dental implants? Did you recently realize that if you want implants, it’s probably going to require more of your time than some other choice, such as a dental bridge that is traditionally supported? If so, you are absolutely right! Implants do require more of your… Read more »

Hard Food: Why Skip It?

When you’re doing your best to go about your daily life without focusing too much on your dental implants but you also want to make sure you’re not making any massive mistakes, it’s quite a balance to strike up. The good thing is that when you’re aware of some major no-no’s, it makes it much… Read more »

Dental Implants: You Should Call Us If…

There are times when you don’t think twice about picking up the phone to make a call. Then, there are those times you’re considering calling us and you stand there, holding the phone, just staring off into the distance, unsure of how to proceed. First, remember that we will always be more than pleased to… Read more »

Flossing Problems: A Quick, Helpful Refresher

You know by now, if you’re wearing dental implants, that you absolutely, no-way, no-how can skip your dental flossing. Otherwise, you run the very great risk of ending up with inflamed gums, a problem called peri-implantitis, and then the loss of your implants! Of course, we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves here. Assuming you… Read more »

How We Approach Implant Candidacy

We know that the second you realize dental implants may be what you’re looking for, you want them right away! However, before you hop in the car and zoom over to our practice for placement, we remind you that we first need to spend time with you to make sure you are someone who can… Read more »