Month: November 2019

Is Replacing Missing Teeth With Implants A Good Resolution?

The new year will be here in just the blink of an eye (yes, we know, you’ve still got the entirety of the holiday season preceding the start of the brand new year to get through first but that certainly won’t stop 2020 from arriving more quickly than you imagine!). With that said, our Livonia,… Read more »

Implants: Yep, The Emotional Hurdles You’re Facing Are Normal! 

There are obvious hurdles you can see coming from a mile away, when you decide it’s time to learn about dental implants. Maybe your smile isn’t as healthy as it could be. Perhaps your schedule is packed, so setting up a visit seems difficult. However, what you may not expect? Emotional hurdles you didn’t see… Read more »

Implants: It’s Okay, Starting Something New Is … New! 

When you’re starting something that’s completely new, you usually don’t know anything yet. Of course, that’s just how things go! It’s new territory, after all. So, when you are dealing with your first (and hopefully last) go around with missing teeth and then, to make things a bit more complicated, you’re tasked with figuring out… Read more »

Yes, You’re Allowed To Feel Excited About Your Implants

As you know, there’s quite a lot that dental implants offer you. Of course, you know, too, that there are lots of more serious factors to consider along the way, as you think that implants may be just what you need: You think about the financial aspect, you consider how long it will take and… Read more »