Implants: Yep, The Emotional Hurdles You’re Facing Are Normal! 

There are obvious hurdles you can see coming from a mile away, when you decide it’s time to learn about dental implants. Maybe your smile isn’t as healthy as it could be. Perhaps your schedule is packed, so setting up a visit seems difficult. However, what you may not expect? Emotional hurdles you didn’t see headed your way. The good news? Our Livonia, MI team is here to remind you that they’re quite common and that we’re here to help you overcome them!

Lots Of Patients Feel Overwhelmed At First

Whether you saw your tooth loss coming or not, it doesn’t always make a whole lot of difference, when you go from a smile with all of its teeth to one with missing teeth. As a result, you may feel a bit in shock initially. Then, as you begin investigating dental implants, thinking about oral surgery, costs, and more may cause your emotions to overflow! We understand. We remind you that this is normal. In addition, we remind you that by simply seeing us for a visit and discussing your possible care plan instantly removes the mystery, offers you the facts, and make addressing smile completion a breeze.

Out-Of-Character Thinking Isn’t Unusual

Feeling a little dazed these days because you suddenly found yourself thinking that you’d really love dental implants but, since you’re not sure what it’s going to take to motivate yourself to follow through, maybe you should just accept your smile with openings! However, this thought is absolutely in no way in line with your usual line of thinking. What gives, you wonder?

Not to worry. Our team reminds you that this is a common dilemma! Tooth loss is extreme in its own way, which means as you try to sort out how to address it, your responses may be equally intense. When what you’re hoping for is to feel confident about selecting implants for yourself, we encourage you to come in to discuss every last detail with us. We happen to be quite good at offering the facts you need and helping to put things in perspective.

Feeling Excited With A Hint Of Strange Anticipation

Again: Totally normal. If you feel mostly excited but there’s a little part of your brain that’s uncomfortable about all of this, remember that planning for oral surgery is a big step. Then, remind yourself that it’s a very beneficial step. Focus on the goals, the results, and feel free to ask questions along the way and you can expect a surprisingly relaxing dental implant journey.

Feel Confident About Your Implant Experience

Don’t shy away from dental implants if you think that you feel certain about them but you also feel unsure about how to overcome existing hurdles. Come in to talk through your future care plan for reassurance. James Stewart, DDS, and our team serve patients from Livonia, MI and the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.