How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Everyone’s dental needs are different, and as such, every dental implant procedure will be priced differently. To make treatment affordable, we offer a competitive, area-based pricing scale according to the specifics of each patient’s treatment plan.

We also offer flexible, highly-affordable financing options so that you don’t have to cover the entire cost of your treatment at once.

Long-Term Cost Benefits

Though dental implant-retained prostheses may initially cost more than conventional options, the long-term benefits and preservation of your oral health mean that the lifelike replacement teeth will save you significantly more money in the long-run.

Implants help preserve your jawbone density, so you will not need a restorative procedure to strengthen the bone later. A stronger jawbone also means a reduced risk of future tooth loss and the need for further tooth replacement procedures. As the closest replica of your healthy, natural teeth, dental implants can help save, and preserve, the rest of your healthy smile for life.


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