Mini Dental Implants

The integrity of the jawbone is a significant concern when it comes to dental implant placement. The prolonged absence of the dental root, the advancement of periodontal disease, and more, can cause your jawbone to lose density and volume. If you have any of these issues, you may not immediately qualify for traditional dental implants.

In addition, some patients may not want, or be able to tolerate, the surgery necessary to place traditional implants. Placing a mini-implant is much less involved and requires less healing time.

There are several options for patients with insufficient jawbone structure to still enjoy the benefits of dental implants. A jawbone graft can be performed by a trusted oral surgeon to strengthen the bone, or you may opt for one or more mini dental implants – smaller, more economical versions of the modern dental implant post.

Are You a Candidate?

Dr. Stewart can help you determine if mini-implants are the right choice after a thorough and comprehensive examination. By their nature, mini-implants are designed to be placed even when the jawbone is weak. However, the presence of gum disease, tooth decay, or other oral health issues can compromise both the procedure and the healing process and, therefore, must be addressed first.


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