Dental Implants, Bridges, and Partial Dentures

Dental implants are great at replacing a single lost tooth, but their benefits are even more pronounced for patients with several or most of their natural teeth missing. If your lost teeth are next to each other, on different areas of your dental ridge, or even on separate ridges, ask Dr. Stewart if a dental implant-supported bridge or partial denture could be the answer.

Implant-supported partial dentures and bridgework help you enjoy the benefits of replacing multiple lost teeth without the prep work that is traditionally necessary. To receive a conventional bridge, you would first need the surrounding teeth modified to uphold the supportive crowns.

If you’ve lost more than a few teeth, but still retain most, then an implant-supported partial denture may be more suitable. Like a conventional partial, your implant-supported prosthesis will be designed to fit next to and between the healthy, natural teeth that remain. With the aid of dental implants, however, your partial denture will not need to rely on often visible clasps to remain stable and secure.

Are You a Candidate?

The more teeth you lose, the more detrimental the loss can be to your overall oral health, and the greater your need to replace them. To determine your candidacy, Dr. Stewart will perform a thorough examination, including measurements using advanced digital imaging technology (such as digital X-rays).

Like a dental implant and crown, implant-supported partials and bridges rely on a healthy foundation, and the presence of tooth decay or gingivitis can compromise your immediate candidacy. If an issue is present, then an appropriate treatment plan can resolve it so that you can receive your dental implants.

If you have lost several teeth, especially if they have been missing for a long period of time, chances are you’ve lost supporting bone structure in those areas as well. If there is not enough bone to support one or more implant posts, Dr. Stewart may refer you to a trusted oral surgeon who can perform a bone graft to increase and strengthen your bone structure.

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