Month: October 2017

Improving Replacement Teeth with Dental Implants

Precision is vital when replacing one or more lost teeth, especially considering the relationship between straight teeth and a balanced bite. However, the placement and orientation of your replacement teeth are not the only factors that must be considered. For your new teeth to function as nature intended, they should mimic nature’s original design, including… Read more »

Dental Implant Testimonials: A Little Extra Inspiration

We know that you appreciate the reassurance and the education that we provide for you when you’re thinking about dental implants for yourself. However, we also know that when you want to talk with someone who has actually received care from our practice, it can leave you wishing that this was a possibility. Yes, we… Read more »

Your FAQs: Implant-Supported Partials

The world of dental implants and your many options may be surprisingly diverse and plentiful as you begin learning more. You may have initially thought that the only option available to you was an implant with a dental crown. However, you find out that you may choose a partial denture with the support of implants… Read more »

A Quick Quiz: Let’s Review Your Implant Vocab!

You’re not going to have a very relaxed journey with your dental implants if you don’t have the basic vocabulary down. Do you think you’ve gotten through the essentials just yet or, are you a little bit behind? Fortunately, there are just a handful of main terms you’ll need to commit to memory, so you… Read more »