Month: January 2019

Responsibilities Of An Implant Wearer!

Yes, it’s true, whether you have a smile that’s full of natural teeth or a smile with a bridge or one with dental implants, you’ve got some responsibilities to consider to ensure your grin remains healthy! Since deciding on implants with our Livonia, MI team is a very exciting thing (and a commitment, too), we… Read more »

Implants: Yes, You Can Ask Us That, Too!

Do you feel shy? Sheepish? Embarrassed? A little hesitant? If you can relate to such emotional responses to the desire to ask us question about dental implants and associated details, then our Livonia, MI team has one thing to say to you: Ask anyway! While we are not the ones asking and cannot necessarily know… Read more »

Why The “Last Forever” Aspect Of Implants Is So Wonderful

You hear lots of times from many different sources that dental implants are going to last forever and ever! This sounds pretty exciting, especially when you consider the fact that most types of dental care will eventually need to be replaced (this is true of other prosthetic devices that rely on traditional support, such as… Read more »

Implants: What Sorts Of Tooth Loss Do We Treat?

You may wonder, though you know dental implants can help with tooth loss, if your sort of tooth loss is going to qualify for the use of implants. For instance, are your needs too basic, you might wonder? Have you simply lost too many teeth? Are there any constraints or are you free to consider… Read more »

How Do Implants Really Compare to Other Prostheses?

With so many different options for replacing lost teeth, it may not always be obvious what benefits one option may have over another. For example, when you’ve lost one or more teeth, your dentist might recommend replacing them with dental implants rather than a conventional bridge or partial denture. At our Livonia, MI, dentist’s office,… Read more »