Month: January 2018

Complete Tooth Loss: Implant Options

When you’re dealing with complete tooth loss, either including missing teeth on the top and bottom of your smile (or just one complete arch), the goal is to get your smile back to its former state of completion as quickly and beautifully as possible, while optimizing health and function. So, what are your options when… Read more »

Dental Implants: Why Start Today?

There’s something about scheduling a visit to discuss dental implants that can cause some patients to think to themselves, “Maybe I’ll schedule my visit next week.” However, what is it that causes this procrastination and, of course, what reasons are there to get started today? If you feel that you have fallen into a bit… Read more »

Dental Implants: Different Ways You Need To Be Ready

Are you ready for dental implants? Did you just nod your head up and down in excitement? Are you sure you’re ready? We ask because when it comes to being prepared, it’s about more than just knowing implants are the treatment you feel most strongly about replacing your missing teeth. To promote your best, most… Read more »

What Do You Want To Know About Dental Implants?

What is is that you would like to ask us about dental implants that you don’t know quite yet? If you’re just becoming acquainted with this particular treatment, then the answer to the question we just posed might be “everything!” If you know a little about implants, then you may have narrowed down some areas… Read more »

Tooth Loss: What Qualifies For Implants?

As you learn about the ins and outs of dental implants, you may find yourself a little bit stuck regarding how many teeth one can replace with implants. You may wonder if there are additional details regarding the arrangement of those teeth and how that applies to candidacy. To be honest (you will be pleased… Read more »