Month: July 2016

How Does Tooth Loss Impact Your Health?

We always recommend those with missing teeth seek a replacement option. Losing a tooth is not just an esthetic concern, it can hurt your overall health as well. How does tooth loss impact your health? From the stability of your smile to your overall nutritional intake, tooth loss can lead to serious difficulties for a… Read more »

How Do I Maintain My Implants?

A dental implant is a very unique form of tooth replacement. They don’t rely on crowns or suction, instead they are placed into the jawbone, where they act like natural teeth. With the proper care and attention, you can even expect them to last a lifetime. However, what should you do to care for your… Read more »

What Are Mini Implants?

As you’re probably aware, tooth loss can be an embarrassing ordeal for the appearance of your smile. In addition, losing one or more teeth increases the risk of misalignment and facial collapse, causing patients to take on an older appearance. To ensure a greater range of people can enjoy whole smiles again, we now offer… Read more »

Who Qualifies For Dental Implants?

Have you lost one or more teeth? Missing teeth can have a negative impact on our appearance, our oral health, and even our ability to eat and speak clearly. Fortunately, we can help restore lost teeth with dental implants. Who qualifies for dental implants? How are they placed?