Month: March 2019

Implants: Have You Spoken With Us?

If you haven’t actually talked with us about dental implants but you have some idea about what they can do for you, then our Livonia, MI team’s primary question is: What are you waiting for? While we can very easily prompt you with such an inquiry, we are also very aware that you might have… Read more »

Things That Happen The Moment You Choose Implants

When you’re considering the ways you can replace your teeth, you’re thinking about doing it. However, when you have one of those “aha!” moments in which you discover dental implants are definitely for you, you’re no longer just kicking around ideas but you have come to a final decision. If this sounds exciting to you… Read more »

Dental Implants: A Few Notes On Comfort

Obtaining the right dental implants in Livonia MI can make a remarkable difference in your smile, and in your life. Rather than avoiding photos or holding your hand in front of your face, you can now participate without being self conscious. When it comes time for family meals and special occasions, implant supported dentures can… Read more »

3 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Implant Experience

You don’t want to sabotage your experience with considering dental implants and actually pursuing them for your smile. However, you might be unintentionally doing just that without realizing it! Great news: We can absolutely help you identify areas where you may accidentally be going wrong, which is causing you to pull away from this lovely… Read more »