Month: June 2018

What If I Need To Replace Multiple Teeth?

While tooth loss is always going to pose a problem for a person’s oral health, and to their smile, the idea of losing several teeth can feel particularly daunting. If you have a smile that is missing multiple teeth – or if you are completely without your upper or lower teeth – you may fear… Read more »

High Risk Factors: Implant Success Versus Failure

As you already know from learning a bit about dental implants, you can do things to help them last forever and ever! That is, you can take good care of them. Unfortunately, you may think that you’re taking care of them and that you’re doing a wonderful job because you’re brushing and flossing and you… Read more »

What’s The Right Age Group For Implants?

One of your first questions when you consider treatments for your smile is whether you’re in the right age group. In many instances, unless we’re distinguishing between children’s treatments and adult treatments, age has very little to do with it! Today, as we discuss dental implants and your smile, you will see that this is… Read more »

Dental Implants: Is It Really Okay To Place Posts In My Jawbone?

When you have dental implants on your mind, one of the first major concerns that comes up might include the realization that we will be placing metal posts into your jaw tissue. The idea of replacing missing teeth for a bite that’s nice and stable (and a smile that looks fantastic) doesn’t sound too shabby…. Read more »