Month: November 2016

Do You Need Implant Dentures?

We often discuss how dental implants can replace a single lost tooth. But what about advanced tooth loss? We can use multiple implant posts to support a set of dentures, restoring function for people who have lost most or all of their teeth. Do you need implant dentures? How do they differ from traditional, removable… Read more »

Do You Need A Bridge Or Partial?

In addition to replacing a single tooth, we can use dental implants to secure a prosthetic, addressing more substantial tooth loss in the process. The form of prosthetic we recommend will depend on the severity of your tooth loss. Do you need a bridge or partial to restore your smile to full function and health?… Read more »

Quiz: The Benefits Of Dental Implants

We’ve recently discussed the cost of dental implants and the process by which they’re placed, but what about the benefits? Why choose this option over more common tooth replacement choices, such as dental bridges or dentures? There are a number of benefits to receiving dental implants, from longer lasting tooth replacement to a more natural… Read more »