Month: August 2016

Can I Receive Teeth In A Day?

If you’ve lost most or all of your teeth, then you need new ones in order to eat and speak without difficulty. While dental implants or implant-supported dentures are a preferred option, many people worry about the time between implant placement and prosthetic completion, in which the jaw needs to heal. However, for some we… Read more »

I Lost a Tooth; Should I Get a Bridge or Dental Implant?

Like most dental treatments, replacing a lost tooth comes with options – mainly, a dental bridge or a dental implant and crown. While both are beautiful, effective restorations, a dental implant is often the best choice, though not always. The choice between a bridge and a dental implant to replace a lost tooth depends on… Read more »

How Do Implant Bridges Work?

We’ve discussed how we can replace a single lost tooth with a dental implant, or provide a full set of fixed dentures. However, what about multiple missing teeth? We can use implant technology to secure a long lasting and lifelike dental bridge. How do implant bridges work? What makes them different from traditional ones?

Do I Need Implant Dentures?

Have you lost all, or a majority, of your natural teeth? If so, you may feel embarrassed about your smile’s appearance. In addition, you could also develop a number of oral health complications. Fortunately, we can help you by providing a lifelike prosthetic. Implant dentures are long lasting and fixed in place, helping your smile… Read more »