How We Secure Dentures With Dental Implants

livonia dental implant dentures

When you have lost most of your teeth, then obviously a set of dentures is needed to restore the function and beauty of your smile. But with dental implants, we can do this with a fixed option that can last for decades to come, and could potentially be completed in one day! In today’s blog, your Livonia, MI, dentist talks about our dental implant dentures.

The Risks of Major Tooth Loss

We could lose several of our natural teeth to issues like tooth decay, dental infection, or even as a result of injury to your smile. The most common factor is typically periodontitis, the advanced stage of gum disease that severs the tissues connecting your teeth and gums. When we lose multiple natural teeth, this could limit our meal options and deprive us of essential nutrients. Issues speaking could occur, as could embarrassment regarding your appearance and negative impacts on your social life. You could also risk an older appearance as the body stops sending doses of calcium and phosphorus to the jawbone around your lost roots. Without these nutrients, the bone begins to break down, which can lead to further tooth loss and an older appearance. This could eventually even limit your ability to receive dental implant dentures! When you suffer from tooth loss, reach out to our team today.

Fixed Prosthetics

Removable dentures are custom-made to not only look natural, but fit comfortably and restore function to your bite again. These are held in place with suction, a special adhesive, or a combination of the two. They last about 5 to 10 years before changes in your jaw ridge necessitate their replacement. However! If we insert multiple dental implants into your arch, the body will accept them as natural roots, so the flow of nutrients resumes and your jaw is strengthened. The prosthetics are attached to these posts, which means no slippage when you eat or speak, and no need to replace them every few years, as they can last decades or even a lifetime. You also don’t have to remove them for cleaning or soaking!


With traditional dental implant dentures, there is a period of weeks or months between placing the dental implant posts and when we can attach a prosthetic to them. But with Teeth-In-A-Day, also known as All-On-Four, we will insert four unique posts, which require less structure to stay in place, and then attach a prosthetic to them in the same visit, so you are never without a complete smile!


To book a checkup or a consultation and find out which of our dental implant prosthetics are right for you, call Dr. Stewart’s team today. You can call our office in Livonia, MI, at 734-425-4400.