Month: August 2019

Ways To Consider Time In Regard To Your Implants

There’s just something about the time factor that causes patients some serious stress when it comes to dental implants. We get it! You know that this solution for tooth loss requires more time than traditional prosthetics, you would love to get started right away, but you also like to feel certain you’ve thoroughly investigated your… Read more »

Reasons You Shouldn’t Cross Implants Off Of Your List 

You may find that the second you begin considering prosthetics for your smile after you deal with tooth loss, you immediately reach to cross dental implants off of your list of possible treatments. Wait a second! Not so fast! Our Livonia, MI team encourages you to take a moment to really consider why you’re so… Read more »

Obstacles You May Need To Overcome Before Implants

Wanting dental implants and feeling certain that they are the right choice for you is really only half the battle! The rest of the experience, in terms of being able to move forward with receiving implants, is qualifying for them. Not sure what this really includes but you’re feeling quite hopeful? The good news is… Read more »

Why Take Implants Step By Step?

When it comes to addressing your tooth loss and deciding that you are most interested in choosing dental implants to help you reach your goals, you are going to find that there are multiple steps. With that said, it’s best to take the entire experience step by step, in part because you have to, and… Read more »