Month: April 2018

Can I Really Afford Dental Implants? Ask These Questions!

We often discover that our patients are very interested in dental implants and don’t shy away from them when we talk about their benefits. However, they often just as quickly dismiss them due to what they assume is a problem with affordability. While any prosthetic for missing teeth will indeed require an investment, implants are… Read more »

Dental Implants: What Lasts Forever?

When you hear that dental implants last forever and ever this sounds fantastic! However, this may also sound a little fishy. Sure, there are dental treatments out there that provide years’ worth of improvement for your smile but eternity sounds a bit far-fetched. The truth is, it’s all about understanding implants and restorations, how they… Read more »

What To Do About Whitening And Implants

First, you may feel over the moon about dental implants and decide that you definitely want them. Once you learn you’re a candidate, what’s stopping you from getting your plans sorted out and started to replace missing teeth? If your answer is that you were planning on getting teeth whitening (or if you already have… Read more »

Implants: Questions You’re A Little Embarrassed To Ask

There are questions about dental implants that you’re probably more than comfortable asking. For instance, you may feel fine asking us how an implant works, if you’re a candidate, what implants look like, and even how long they will last. You may inquire as to how you will care for implants. Then, there’s that other… Read more »