Month: August 2017

Money Matters: Q&A About Implants

Of course, you want dental implants no matter what because they will guide you toward the full replacement of your missing tooth or teeth. However, as you begin wondering about cost, that “no matter what” might turn to, “as long as I can afford them.” We know that financial questions are on your mind, which… Read more »

Implant Placement: Comfortable As Can Be

You might discover that as much as you’re thrilled about dental implants, you are also a little bit extremely-very-afraid of the placement process. Here’s what we have to say in a nutshell: It will be completely comfortable, we will send you on your way with complete care and recovery instructions, and the only thing you… Read more »

Dental Implants Quiz: How To Learn More

You might think that any knowledge you can gain about dental implants is a good thing. While it’s true that any factual, reliable information you can get your hands on is certainly to your benefit, everything you hear isn’t always accurate. So, how to ensure you’re receiving a solid education? Our quiz should help!

Dental Implant Care: What Am I Doing Wrong?

When you’re doing your absolute best but you don’t think you’re getting your dental implants clean, it can feel a bit defeating. However, rather than give up or feel stuck, we encourage you to consider a handful of suggestions we frequently make to our patients. In most instances, you just need a little bit of… Read more »