Month: December 2018

New Year’s Countdown (Dental Implant Style)

As the new year makes its debut, many people think about what they could do differently in the coming year. If you have received dental implants in Livonia, MI (or are considering how dental implants might improve your life) we want to offer a New Year’s Eve countdown, dental implant style. Whether you decide to… Read more »

Why Would I Choose Implant Dentures?

You might wonder why you would choose implant dentures when you have access to lots of other implant-supported restorations like dental crowns, which allow you to replace one individual tooth at a time. The truth is, all implant-and-restoration combinations provide you with amazing stability, beauty, and function! So, while you may start out assuming crowns… Read more »

Implants: How To Make The Most Of 2019

While there’s not a right way … or a wrong way … to approach your interest in dental implants for your smile, one thing is certain: There is definitely a pathway that will help you make the absolute most of 2019 if you are thinking that implants may be for you. As you might imagine,… Read more »

What Does It Mean To Be An Implant Wearer?

You may usually think about implants from the perspective of how they will be able to help you, should you choose them. However, our Livonia, MI team encourages you to instead spend a bit of time visualizing your life as if you are already a dental implant wearer. What does your life feel like on… Read more »