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Answering Common Questions: What Is A Dental Implant & More

Dr. Stewart in Livonia, MI offers dental implant services

Are you currently experiencing missing teeth? Do you have a tooth damaged beyond repair? These problems can happen due to a variety of reasons- accidents, severe decay, or jaw related problems. Dr. Stewart and his team in Livonia, MI, are here today to tell you all about this process and the benefits of getting permanent… Read more »

When Implants And Crowns Suit Your Smile

You know that within the world of dental implants, there are many different ways you can approach the use of implants for the teeth that you have lost! You may decide you’d like to use this means of replacement to replace one tooth or multiple teeth. You know that you can replace multiple teeth at… Read more »

Why Would I Choose Implant Dentures?

You might wonder why you would choose implant dentures when you have access to lots of other implant-supported restorations like dental crowns, which allow you to replace one individual tooth at a time. The truth is, all implant-and-restoration combinations provide you with amazing stability, beauty, and function! So, while you may start out assuming crowns… Read more »

It May Be Time To Think Again: Why Not Choose Implant Dentures?

You might hear the word “denture” and immediately ignore even entertaining the thought of this particular restoration. However, this may not be to your advantage. At all! Did you know that relying on implant dentures is in many ways, much different than traditionally supported dentures? Did you know that no matter the type, some of… Read more »

Nitrous Oxide: What’s It Like?

If you’re considering coming in for a visit to talk about dental implants, you’ve scheduled your implant procedure, or you’re dealing with any other aspect of oral surgery, you may find that we suggest nitrous oxide at some point. While you are likely experiencing some emotional relief knowing we provide dental sedation, you may still… Read more »

How Modern Implants Came To Be

Did you know that implants date back 4000 years?  In ancient China, carved bamboo pegs were used to replace missing teeth. Implants were used in several different ancient cultures, but the modern implant procedure that we use today was actually stumbled upon by accident. Implants are the most advanced and long-lasting tooth replacement procedure available,… Read more »

What Causes Dental Implants to Fail?

As the most successful tooth replacement option today, dental implants have enjoyed an astounding 95% success rate in the decades since they were introduced. The biocompatible titanium posts, which serve as prosthetic replacements for lost teeth roots, offer unmatched stability and comfort, as well as improving long-term oral health following tooth loss. However, in rare… Read more »

What Causes Tooth Loss?

When a patient loses one or more teeth, we can replace them with a lifelike dental implant. We can even use multiple implants to support a fixed denture or bridge that will remain firmly in place. But what causes tooth loss? Why do we lose our teeth and what can we do to avoid further… Read more »