Answering Common Questions: What Is A Dental Implant & More

Dr. Stewart in Livonia, MI offers dental implant services

Are you currently experiencing missing teeth? Do you have a tooth damaged beyond repair? These problems can happen due to a variety of reasons- accidents, severe decay, or jaw related problems. Dr. Stewart and his team in Livonia, MI, are here today to tell you all about this process and the benefits of getting permanent artificial teeth.

What Are Dental Implants?

This procedure is one of the best ways to replace missing or damaged teeth. Essentially, this service replaces the damaged tooth or fills a gap. Instead of having to adhere to dentures or similar structures, this component has its own post that can be secured in the jaw. Then your dentist will put in a temporary crown for you to wear as the permanent one is made. At your next appointment, this will be secured to the base.

The structures are made to last a long time and allow you to eat and drink comfortably without cause for concern. They can also improve your oral health by replacing a tooth that cannot be restored or filling in gaps of missing teeth. Dentures used to be one way to solve this visual problem, but they can be inconvenient or don’t work well for a client’s personal needs. Dental prosthetics of the past used to be secured with adhesives that could slip around. Instead, this structure holds the necessary prosthetic into place so that the patient can continue going about their life without having to worry.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Dental Implant?

There are so many advantages to getting a dental implant put in. First and perhaps most obvious, your smile will be back intact. You can smile with the confidence of knowing that no one will be able to tell you have false teeth.

You can also be free to eat and drink comfortably. Having a missing tooth can make eating certain foods uncomfortable, but once you receive this procedure, you’ll be back to eating your favorite things in no time.

The risk of gum disease is also reduced once you replace your missing tooth. Typical dentures or fixtures that are not secured with an implant have the chance to leave space where bacteria can grow in the gum line. Having a fixed, rooted part of the false tooth will help fill that space. Of course, as always, a proper oral hygiene routine should be maintained with the implant in.

Your jaw will also have a positive benefit from this, as missing teeth can weaken the jaw and leave you at risk of pain and potential future problems.

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