Month: November 2018

What An Implant Is (And Is Not)

You may think that you know just what to make of a dental implant. However, if you start talking about what an implant is not, you may find that you’re feeling the slightest bit confused. You know, for instance, that it is a tooth replacement. However, do you know whether it is (or is not)… Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving! See Us Soon!

It’s about that time: Turkey Time! As we wrap up the final day before Thanksgiving, when you gather with friends and loved ones for a nice relaxing day (once you’re finished cooking, that is), we reflect on all that has happened this year. There’s a bit of 2018 left and we would like to remind… Read more »

Implants: Tell Us What You Need More Of!

When you’re putting your best foot forward with your decision to move ahead with your smile by replacing teeth that you have lost, you will, of course, discover dental implants as a possible treatment. While there may be some things that you really like about what you know so far, there may be something that… Read more »

Your Implants, Your Flossing, Your Questions!

If you have dental implants or you are giving the idea a whirl, one of your first concerns may have something to do with your daily life. What will they feel like? Will they function like natural teeth? Then, there’s the very common: Will they be easy to take care of? Fortunately, implants are very… Read more »