Month: May 2020

Solutions For A Single Lost Tooth

We can’t wait to start offering tooth replacement for our patients in Livonia, MI, and surrounding communities! Starting May 29th, we’re back and eager to help those suffering from tooth loss obtain full smiles again. In today’s blog, we’re looking at how dental implants and crowns address minor cases of missing teeth, and help you… Read more »

Do You Need Teeth In A Day?

Gum disease, infection, and even injuries could lead to the loss of one or more of our natural teeth. These gaps then impact our overall appearance and could even lead to unsightly gaps in the smile. However, with advanced implant dentistry, your Livonia, MI, dentist could provide a new smile, often in as little as… Read more »

What Makes Mini Dental Implants Different?

For patients in Livonia, MI, with missing teeth, we have a number of options to restore the gaps in their smiles. From single tooth dental implants to implant-secured bridges and dentures, we can provide long-lasting and durable solutions to tooth loss. But what about mini dental implants? What makes them different, and who is a… Read more »

Could Gum Disease Cause Tooth Loss?

Our doors are currently closed for general, preventive, and other elective procedures at the moment, limiting our care to emergency situations only. Which means caring for your smile from home is crucial. With that in mind, your Livonia, MI, dentist would like to highlight the importance of managing gum disease, and how if left untreated,… Read more »