Month: July 2019

Dental Implants And More: “Parts” Of The Experience

As you take stock of what it means to receive dental implants for your future, complete smile, you realize that there are many different facets of your soon to be experience! First, of course, there are the actual different parts that you’ll be learning about that make your tooth replacement a complete replacement for the… Read more »

Protect Your Implants: Brushing Tips

It’s easy to let your imagination run wild when you’re worrying about protecting your dental implants! Of course, what you want is to hear that it’s very easy to do and the wonderful news is that it truly is. With that said, you may still feel unsure about what that means: Are you going to… Read more »

Implants: What Can You Accomplish Today?

Hooray for dental implants, you think to yourself! They’re quite the dreamy and exceptional option for replacing your teeth, so you have a pristine smile back! With that said, you may feel extremely excited about the idea of implants but really have no solid feel for how to get the ball rolling. When that’s the… Read more »

Implant-Supported Partial Dentures: Clearing Away Your Confusion

Are you a little confused about how an implant-supported partial denture works? Perhaps you’re new to the world of dentures and prosthetics and just the term “partial” on its own causes you some uncertainty because it’s all fresh information. If so, remember that our Livonia, MI team would be pleased help clear away the confusion!… Read more »

Implants: Are They What’s Missing From Your Life?

Is there something about your current smile and tooth replacement solution that just isn’t working out for you? Have you been dealing with tooth loss but you haven’t decided on a final treatment yet? When you’re trying to figure out how to move forward in life, as you head in the direction of a complete… Read more »