Month: October 2019

Dental Implants: Tooth Replacement Timeline Questions! 

One particular factor that we hear mentioned time after time, in regard to dental implants, is of course: Time! You find that when you’re thinking about choosing implants, not choosing implants, etc., you start to wonder … will selecting them sooner or later, before or after other choices for your smile, and more have any… Read more »

Implants: How They “Save” You! 

It’s no secret to you that a dental implant is a prosthetic that replaces your missing tooth’s roots. You know, as well, that once that implant is ready, it will go on to support a dental crown (or to help support a larger prosthetic, such as a bridge). What you may not have put together… Read more »

Teeth In A Day: Why Skip Implant Centers And Opt For Your Dentist?

The amazing news that our Livonia, MI team would love to share with you is: Your Livonia dentist recently completed a training course in providing Teeth in a Day. This is a dental implant treatment in which you may receive implants and restorations in one visit. The not so great news? We are aware that… Read more »

How Convos With Us Make Implants More Approachable 

You might feel interested in dental implants but that’s about as far as your experience with considering them in real life has gone. Sure, you’ve thought about them, realized that they may be wonderful for you, and recognized that it’s really probably time you do something about replacing those teeth! However, you may not feel… Read more »

Fast Facts: How Implants Help Your Smile Look Lovely 

You may realize on a very general level that if you replace your missing teeth with dental implants and restorations, you are going to have a smile that looks better. However, we wonder: Have you really thought about what this means and why this is the case? Why bother moving forward and how much can… Read more »