Implants: How They “Save” You! 

It’s no secret to you that a dental implant is a prosthetic that replaces your missing tooth’s roots. You know, as well, that once that implant is ready, it will go on to support a dental crown (or to help support a larger prosthetic, such as a bridge). What you may not have put together just yet, however, is the fact that selecting implants means you’re saving in some way! Perhaps the implants are the ones doing the saving. Or, maybe you find that (shockingly) your finances don’t suffer in the long run, though you assumed they would. Prepare for some enlightening notes from your Livonia, MI team, for a new outlook!

They Save Your Smile

Dental implants can save your smile in multiple ways. First, as is quite obvious, they fill in those open spaces where teeth once resided, giving you back a complete smile! Then, of course, there’s that detail about your jaw health and oral health: The placement of implants restores jaw stimulation (which is key to maintaining the health of this tissue). Replacing teeth also allows you to more easily care for your smile, which means better dental hygiene and an easier time avoiding complications like gum disease!

They Save You Money (Yes, Really!)

Do you have to invest financially in dental implants and the restorations you select for yourself? Yes! The same is true for any type of tooth replacement. What we would like for you to consider is the fact that implants will typically last forever. This means no additional costs for repairs or replacements. This cannot be said about traditional prosthetics (those that don’t rely on implants). When you take a big-picture-look at costs over time, implants are generally more cost effective!

They Save You Time

As mentioned, once those dental implants are in place, they’re probably there for good. So, with that said, remember that this is a far cry from the amount of time and effort you might find yourself spending on dental visits and more, if you were to deal with the consistent breakdown, repair, and replacement needs that often come with traditionally supported prosthetics. When you want tooth replacements that simply let you get back to your daily life, dental implants are the way to go! Learn more when you talk with us at our practice!

Save Your Smile With Implants

Wave goodbye to tooth loss and bring dental implants and restorations into your life, so you can feel wonderful about saving your smile! Save your beauty, function, daily use, and more with implants! James Stewart, DDS, and our team serve patients from Livonia, MI and the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.