Tackling Tooth Loss With A Dental Implant

Livonia, MI, Dental ImplantIf you have recently lost one of your teeth, you understand the frustration of adjusting to life with an incomplete smile. While the esthetic effect of tooth loss is obvious, the hardships you endure with common activities can be much worse. Consider your speech. Because your voice relies upon each of your teeth to fully form, losing a tooth can leave you sounding quite strange to others. You may develop pain in your jaw as you move it in awkward angles to accommodate the missing gap. Without replacement, neighboring teeth can shift into the open space, further misaligning your smile.  Fortunately, we can offer a prosthodontic solution to return strength to your bite and complete your grin. A dental implant post can secure deep within your jaw to mimic a tooth’s root. After healing from surgery, we can place a dental crown above your gumline to complete prosthetic correction.

At your Livonia, MI, dental office, we specialize in helping our patients regain the function of a full smile. That means taking a careful examination of your mouth to determine if you are a candidate for dental implants. Using unique technology, we can plan a surgery that provides new teeth right away. For more advanced cases of tooth loss, we can secure entire dentures to your jaw using dental implants.

Connected A Replacement Tooth To Posts Inside Your Jaw

If you are unfamiliar with dental implants as a tooth replacement solution, we are happy to discuss the myriad of benefits they confer. While tooth loss has a number of methods for care, dental implants are an important option available to provide a more permanent restoration. The biocompatible nature of your implant’s titanium post means it secures to your oral tissues without infection or rejection.

After placing your implant through the open socket in your mouth, you will heal over the coming weeks. The healing process includes a fusion between your oral tissue and the sturdy implant post.

Dental Implants Stand The Test Of Time

Your implant tooth will further support your oral health by stimulating the jawbone. This stimulation signals the body to continue providing nutrients to maintain appropriate density. Other prosthetic options may suffer from a deteriorating jawline. As this happens, alternative replacement teeth must be replaced or refitted. Implants on the other hand have the potential to last a lifetime!

Speak To Dr. Stewart in Livonia, MI About Replacing Your Missing Tooth With A Dental Implant

Losing one of your teeth does not have to leave a permanent hole in your smile. For more information about placing a prosthetic, give us a call at (734)425-4400. Speak with Dr. James R. Stewart, Jr, DDS about your needs and discover the benefits of a new dental implant!