Renewing Your Smile With A Dental Implant

Active Senior Livonia MIWhen you lose one or more of your existing teeth, talk to a dental professional about your options. This field of study is known as prosthodontics, and it encompasses the different methods of tooth replacement after loss. One of your options is the placement of a beautiful new dental implant, which provides an unparalleled connection between your new artificial tooth and the bone matter of your jaw. Speak with your provider about whether a dental implant is right for your smile.

At our office in Livonia, MI, we are proud to offer dental implant placement to help you to regain control of your smile after you have experienced the loss of one or more of your natural teeth. Through the amazing science behind implants, you can have a solution that allows you to feel confident in your bite. Talk with our team about all of your options, from single-tooth replacement to a full set of implant-retained dentures!

How Dental Implants Give You Bite Security Through A Strong Connection

For some people, learning about dental implants is not something that they focus on until they are in need of a prosthodontic solution. If you have recently lost a tooth, or if you have received a diagnosis that requires an extraction, this may be the first time you have given the subject any thought. Take this time to learn about the advantages of a biocompatible prosthodontic option.

Dental implants provide a lasting smile repair through a particular biochemical mechanism, in which your body recognizes titanium as if it were part of your own natural material. Instead of rejecting this metal, your jaw will grow snugly around the threads in a titanium post. This then creates the stable foundation for your new dental implant!

Your New Dental Implant Is Designed To Last

After your period of recovery, your dentist will attach a custom new prosthetic tooth to your titanium implant post. Be sure to speak with your provider about how to properly maintain your replacement. For most patients, this process is not too different from your current smile care. With the proper maintenance, your dental implant will be able to last you for years!

If you damage your new prosthetic tooth, a new replacement can be crafted. In many instances, your dentist will be able to change your existing dental implant attachment without affecting your post!

Talk To Dr. Stewart in Livonia, MI About The Advantages Of Dental Implants

When you lose a tooth, take this opportunity to speak with a trusted dental professional about whether dental implants are right for your smile. For more information on the process, give us a call at (734)425-4400. Speak with Dr. James R. Stewart, Jr, DDS about your needs and discover the benefits of a new dental implant!