Is Replacing Missing Teeth With Implants A Good Resolution?

The new year will be here in just the blink of an eye (yes, we know, you’ve still got the entirety of the holiday season preceding the start of the brand new year to get through first but that certainly won’t stop 2020 from arriving more quickly than you imagine!). With that said, our Livonia, MI team would like to offer you any support you may need if you’ve been considering replacing missing teeth with dental implants one of your top resolutions. First, in response to whether this is a good idea, the answer is a big yes! As for why and what to do next, we’re on it!

Missing Teeth? Not Good.

Remember that tooth loss is already upsetting on its own and that the consequences untreated missing teeth can yield are even worse! We don’t say this to scare you! We offer you this information because it’s important you realize replacement of those teeth with a treatment in which you feel confident is absolutely essential for your oral health. Without replacing teeth, you leave your grin highly vulnerable to a variety of problems, from losing more teeth in the future to the deterioration of your jawbone (which can create an aged appearance beyond your actual years!). Then, there’s a slew of additional smile health concerns that may develop. So, the answer is always yes: Replacing missing teeth with dental implants is a smart plan for the upcoming new year!

Why Implants?

You know now that replacing missing teeth is smart but why with dental implants? Won’t any treatment do? Well, anything you do to replace the teeth you have lost is certainly a good decision. However, we remind you that the reason it’s so good to resolve to select implants is the fact that they are the only prosthetic that can replace roots. Replacing roots, in short, means jaw health protection, extremely long-lasting replacements, and absolute stability. Ready to learn more about your options and how implants can best serve your smile needs? Call us!

Set Up That Consultation!

When you stay away, you may come up with some ideas you have about what dental implants might mean for you but you don’t learn anything about them until you visit us! So, schedule a consultation. You’ll find out the factual details. You’ll also get your experience with tooth replacement started with the simple scheduling of a visit to see us! We look forward to seeing you, as you plan for a healthy, complete grin in the new year!

Resolve To Replace Missing Teeth ASAP!

Choose dental implants, follow through with setting up the care you need with us, and then come in for the treatment that will guide you toward a beautiful, complete smile! Just call us soon to set up a consultation. James Stewart, DDS, and our team serve patients from Livonia, MI and the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.