Yes, You’re Allowed To Feel Excited About Your Implants

As you know, there’s quite a lot that dental implants offer you. Of course, you know, too, that there are lots of more serious factors to consider along the way, as you think that implants may be just what you need: You think about the financial aspect, you consider how long it will take and the fact that you require oral surgery, and more! As a result, you may feel as though you’re supposed to feel quite serious all the time if not somber about the fact that you’re missing some teeth at the moment. To this, our Livonia, MI team says: Not at all! While there’s certainly time for serious consideration, you can absolutely feel excited and enjoy the experience! Learn more.

Feel Excited You Made A Decision

Yes, we are well aware of the mental acrobatics it can take to sort your way through the extremely varied and amazing world of prosthetics, when you have experienced tooth loss. You have traditionally supported options and, of course, those supported by dental implants. Then, you have even more options to consider once you select implants. Feel excited about the fact that you powered through, you made a choice, and you’re headed toward your complete smile!

Feel Excited About Looking Like You Again

It can be difficult to see your smile in the mirror, when it’s not what you expect to see. Missing teeth may take a toll on your confidence and can dramatically alter your appearance, particularly when those teeth are highly visible. We encourage you to go ahead and feel excited about the fact that you’re going to look like you again, once you have your implants and restorations in place!

Feel Excited About The Many Life Improvements Coming

We remind you that there are many improvements coming (easy eating, easy speaking, a beautiful smile) and you are more than welcome to feel over-the-moon about them!

Feel Excited To Say Goodbye To The Tooth Loss Journey

Yes, it’s been wonderful finding out that you have so many options available to you and that dental implants are one of them! However, dealing with tooth loss from the very first moment? Not so much fun. Fortunately, once you have your implants and restorations in place, you get to feel that major sense of relief, as you say goodbye to tooth loss and instead, hello to a complete smile! Journey: Done!

Enjoy The Excitement Of Implants

Feel excited and pleased with the choices you have made for your smile and oral health, when you make a final choice to follow through with dental implants! Come in soon to further your journey toward smile completion. James Stewart, DDS, and our team serve patients from Livonia, MI and the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.