Implants: It’s Okay, Starting Something New Is … New! 

When you’re starting something that’s completely new, you usually don’t know anything yet. Of course, that’s just how things go! It’s new territory, after all. So, when you are dealing with your first (and hopefully last) go around with missing teeth and then, to make things a bit more complicated, you’re tasked with figuring out how to replace them with dental implants, that’s a lot of newness all condensed down into one (often overwhelming) experience. Phew! So, what to do? Well, as far as our Livonia, MI team is concerned, you say goodbye to the frantic feelings and hello to our practice. We’re here to help.

The Very, Very First Thing: A Consultation

Before you hop online, start asking around, try to imagine dental implants and make guesses about what they are, or assume they’re simply not really for you, the very, very first thing to do is: Call us. Set up a consultation. We’ll provide you with a wealth of facts!

Next, You Are Very Open With Questions

Remember that when you’re dealing with all of this newness and it happens to center around your missing teeth and your need to replace teeth with dental implants, there are probably a lot of questions showing up if not stacking up in your brain. Of course, throughout your consultation, we will provide you with lots of information. However, we know that there will be things you would like clarified, additional details we may not have covered, or things you don’t completely understand just yet. You may have personal questions that come into play, as well, such as how you will afford dental implants. Whatever those questions entail, whether they’re about the type of implant treatment to consider, clinical particulars, or administrative details, bring them to our attention! It’s the best way to learn quickly.

Finally, Think It All Over

Like any other decision you make in life, you need some time to consider all of the options, to sort through and organize the information you’ve just taken in, to figure out how you feel about everything, and to sleep on it. We encourage you to reflect a bit and to get in touch with us when you’ve got any last questions and when you’re ready to schedule your dental implant placement!

Enjoy Getting To Know Implants

When you’re ready to learn all about dental implants, the types of solutions that will work best for you, and you’d like to get your missing teeth replaced as soon as possible, it’s time to come in for a consultation! James Stewart, DDS, and our team serve patients from Livonia, MI and the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.