Dental Implants For Younger People

Circle Woman Livonia MIAre you in need of a prosthodontic tooth replacement after an extraction? While the discussion of dental implants is often centered around age-related tooth loss, this approach can be a helpful solution for adults of a wide range of ages. This approach can even help you to maintain your appearance, as you could lose density and mass in the bone tissue of your jaw. Sometimes, this loss can affect the way that you look, even with an appliance-based approach such as a bridge.

To learn more about your options, Dr. James R. Stewart, Jr, DDS is available to help you through the process at our office in Livonia, MI. If you require a tooth extraction, discuss your specific needs in a consultation with a trusted and knowledgeable source. Our practice can help you to regain confidence in your smile with a method that builds strength from an unparalleled connection between your jaw and your new solution!

How Dental Implants Give You A Beautiful New Prosthetic Tooth

The implantation process is an exciting new method of tooth replacement, and it centers around the placement of a durable titanium post within the bone of your jaw. This metal has a specific biochemical property that allows it to stay in this area, without your body identifying it as a foreign object. As you heal, the connection between the post and your jaw becomes strong enough that it can support the strain of chewing and speaking.

After recovery, your dental provider will attach your gorgeous new prosthetic tooth to the post, giving you back bite function in that area of your mouth. This is a durable solution that lasts, so you can feel comfortable in the longevity of your prosthodontic repair. Speak with your dentist about your particular needs, and see if a dental implant is the right choice for you!

Is A Dental Implant An Option For Younger Individuals?

When someone under the age of forty loses a tooth, they may look at their options, and only notice older people in the images. While age-related tooth loss is certainly a concern for some, it is not the only reason for the placement of biocompatible dental implants. Anyone of any age can experience a diagnosis that requires an extraction, and in fact, there are some benefits to this approach for younger individuals. For instance, a dental implant can help you to retain your bone mass in your jaw, keeping your profile appearance intact!

Quality Dental Implants In Livonia, MI

If you are looking for a strong prosthodontic repair solution, reach out to our team in Livonia, MI. Speak with Dr. James R. Stewart, Jr, DDS about your options, and schedule your consultation for a beautiful new dental implant.