Quiz: What Kind Of Implants Are There?

stewart-implantsWe’ve discussed before the importance of replacing missing teeth. Otherwise, you are at risk of developing a host of serious oral health complications, from misalignment to facial collapse. We often discuss the benefits of dental implants. There are multiple kinds of implants available to address varying degrees of tooth loss. Which type is right for you?


What Do I Do If I Lose All My Teeth?

stewart-implant-denturesLosing a single tooth can be embarrassing and increase the risk of oral health complications, such as misalignment or loss of jawbone density. If one lost tooth can cause so many problems, what about several? What do you do if you’re missing most or all of your teeth? We suggest seeing your dentist right away to discuss possible replacement options. Using dental implants, we can no place natural looking fixed dentures.


What Factors Decide Who Can Receive Implants?

stewart-implant-candidatesHave you lost one or more of your permanent teeth? Are you interested in replacing them with lifelike and long lasting dental implants? What factors will decide who can receive implants? This is a valid question, as unfortunately not everyone is a viable candidate for receiving a new tooth. However, there are often steps that a patient can take to improve their candidacy and obtain a whole smile again with these natural looking prosthetics.


Can I Receive Teeth In A Day?

stewart teeth in a dayIf you’ve lost most or all of your teeth, then you need new ones in order to eat and speak without difficulty. While dental implants or implant-supported dentures are a preferred option, many people worry about the time between implant placement and prosthetic completion, in which the jaw needs to heal. However, for some we can offer an alternative: teeth in a day. Can you receive teeth in a day?


I Lost a Tooth; Should I Get a Bridge or Dental Implant?

i lost a tooth, should i get a bridge or dental implantLike most dental treatments, replacing a lost tooth comes with options – mainly, a dental bridge or a dental implant and crown. While both are beautiful, effective restorations, a dental implant is often the best choice, though not always. The choice between a bridge and a dental implant to replace a lost tooth depends on several  factors, which your dentist can help you determine during your diagnostic examination. (more…)

How Do Implant Bridges Work?

stewart implant bridgeWe’ve discussed how we can replace a single lost tooth with a dental implant, or provide a full set of fixed dentures. However, what about multiple missing teeth? We can use implant technology to secure a long lasting and lifelike dental bridge. How do implant bridges work? What makes them different from traditional ones?