The Benefits Of Implant Dentures

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When you’ve sustained the loss of your entire smile, or the majority of your natural teeth, this could mean a breakdown that causes a prematurely aged appearance. Fortunately, we can prevent this and restore the beauty of your smile with full dentures. In today’s blog, your Livonia, MI, dentist talks about the benefits of implant dentures.

The Changes to Your Smile

When you lose your teeth, this of course means problems eating a variety of food or even speaking clearly. But the body will also respond to the missing roots by suspending or diverting the flow of calcium and phosphorus to the jawbone. Without these key nutrients, the jaw loses mass and density. This not only leads to further tooth loss, but a prematurely aged appearance too. To avoid these changes to your smile, you not only need a prosthetic, you need an implant-secured one.

Creating a Set of Dentures

First, let’s talk about the denture portion. This is what people see when you smile, and what allows you to eat your favorite foods again. Each prosthetic we provide our patients has been custom-made for their smile. We take detailed digital x-rays and intraoral camera images, combining them to create a 3D model of the smile. This enables us to design and craft the prosthetic with precision and accuracy. The new teeth will be made from ceramic, which ensures daily bite forces easily and also offers a lifelike appearance. They will be set into a base made from acrylic and designed to look like natural gum tissues.

Fixed Prosthetics

Instead of relying on suction or adhesive to keep your new teeth in place, we will use digital surgical guides to oversee the placement of several dental implants per arch. Traditional options use between six or eight, but for those with weakened jawbones we could use as little as four. In fact, we could insert these posts and attach the denture portion in the same visit with All-On-Four. Once the implants are in place, they will bond with the jawbone through a process known as osseointegration. This means they act as natural options, preventing the loss of mass and density in the jawbone. They can then last for decades to come, and never slip when you eat or speak.

If you have any questions about how we address missing teeth with an implant secured set of dentures, then contact our team today.

Ready for a New and Complete Smile?

We could address your tooth loss, sometimes even in one visit. To learn more about securing prosthetics with implant dentistry, then call James Stewart, DDS, dental implant office in Livonia, MI, at (734) 425-4400. We also serve the residents of Farmington, Plymouth, Dearborn Heights, and all surrounding communities.