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How Do You Restore A Dental Implant?

A dental implant replaces a lost tooth, helping patients achieve a whole and healthy smile. But how do we restore them? How do we make sure they blend seamlessly with your smile? Using dental crowns, we can offer strong and lifelike restorations.

How Modern Implants Came To Be

Did you know that implants date back 4000 years?  In ancient China, carved bamboo pegs were used to replace missing teeth. Implants were used in several different ancient cultures, but the modern implant procedure that we use today was actually stumbled upon by accident. Implants are the most advanced and long-lasting tooth replacement procedure available,… Read more »

What Causes Dental Implants to Fail?

As the most successful tooth replacement option today, dental implants have enjoyed an astounding 95% success rate in the decades since they were introduced. The biocompatible titanium posts, which serve as prosthetic replacements for lost teeth roots, offer unmatched stability and comfort, as well as improving long-term oral health following tooth loss. However, in rare… Read more »

What Benefits Do Implant Dentures Offer?

When a person loses most, or all, of his/her teeth, then dentures are typically recommended. In the past, removable dentures were the only option for restoring patients’ ability to eat and smile. Fortunately, we can offer a more advanced and secure alternative: implant dentures. What benefits do implant dentures off patients?

How Do You Restore Dental Implants?

When we place a new tooth, we always include a restoration to ensure the replacement blends with the smile seamlessly. How do we restore dental implants? What do we use to provide a strong, lifelike, and long lasting replacement tooth?

Implant Vs. Removable Dentures

Losing a majority of your teeth can impact your overall health, sense of self-confidence, and your appearance. A full or partial prosthetic is necessary to address the problem. In the past, your only option was a removable denture. Now, we can secure a prosthetic using dental implants. Which options is right for you, implant or… Read more »

Do You Have Questions About Mini Implants?

We offer a wide array of implant options for our patients with missing teeth. Some people benefit from a single implant, while others need a full prosthetic. For a few, mini dental implants are the best option or replacing lost teeth. Do you have questions about mini implants?

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants?

In recent years, more and more people have shown interest in replacing teeth with dental implants. While dental bridges and removable dentures are still available, dental implants offer a number of benefits over more traditional means of tooth replacement. What are these benefits? How do they differ from other forms of tooth replacement?

Do You Have Questions About Implant Candidacy?

Patients with one or more missing teeth can experience a reduction in quality of life. From trouble eating a variety of foods to trouble speaking clearly, tooth loss presents a number of difficulties. Fortunately, we can offer dental implants to provide strong and lifelike tooth replacement. Do you have questions about implant candidacy?

Do You Really Offer Teeth In A Day?

Dental implants can help address tooth loss and restore your ability to eat and speak just as you did prior to losing your tooth/teeth. However, the process can involve a lengthy healing period as the implants bond with the jawbone. But what if you could receive teeth in a day? We offer a unique procedure… Read more »