A Crown And Implant Can Repair Your Smile

Livonia, MI dentist offers implants and crowns

A single missing tooth has the potential to disrupt your entire smile. Losing one of your pearly whites as an adult could lead to teeth shifting out of place, becoming misaligned, and even losing more. That is why Dr. Stewart in Livonia, MI, specializes in dental implants to replace the entire structure of your missing tooth. There are several ways that the replacement can be achieved. In today’s blog, we will be discussing how a crown and implant can eliminate the need for a dental bridge.

When Is A Bridge Necessary?

If you have lost one to three teeth in the same row, a dental bridge may be a reasonable way to replace them. This prosthetic is held in place using the surrounding teeth. In some cases, crowns are placed on these adjacent teeth to have more support and strength. Aside from giving you a full smile again, this prosthetic has several benefits including ease of chewing, speaking, and keeping your natural teeth in place.

An Alternative To A Dental Bridge

For some patients, you can replace your missing teeth without a bridge. While this prosthetic is a great solution, it does not replace the root of the tooth and you can still experience bone loss. Instead, you may have the option of an implant with a crown.

First, you will need a consultation to ensure that you are free of gum disease and other conditions that may disqualify you from receiving an implant. Measurements of your smile will need to be taken to create your tooth replacement. Then, the post will be inserted deep into your jawbone. After a few months, it will fuse to the bone and function as a root. The abutment can be placed, and the crown will be placed on top. Your smile will be complete and look natural.

Replacing Several Lost Teeth

For patients with up to three missing teeth in a row, another great option is an implant-supported bridge. Although this prosthetic is made to stay in place permanently, it does not replace your tooth’s root. This can lead to bone loss and jaw deterioration over time. If you need to replace several pearly whites in a row, a bridge may be held in place with an implant.

The process for this is similar to a traditional replacement. You will need a consultation, have an impression of your smile sent to a lab, and will need to do this through several appointments. The result will leave you with a gap-free smile and supported jaw.

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If you have a missing tooth, do not delay replacing it. An implant can improve your appearance and help you maintain a healthy smile. To schedule a consultation, call Dr. Stewart in Livonia, MI, today at 734-425-4400.