Look Your Best With Quality Prosthodontics

Older Woman Livonia MIThe removal of an ailing tooth can sometimes feel like a despairing situation, but there is hope available to you. Prosthodontic care refers to the replacement of a missing or extracted tooth. Traditional means provide a stable source for chewing and can appear life-like, but there is an unparalleled connection with a dental implant. This approach utilizes a sturdy titanium post which rests within the bone of your jaw.

Through a chemical mechanism known as osseointegration, your body positively interacts with the new metal implanted post. After recovery, a new durable and gorgeous prosthetic tooth can finalize your replacement process. Speak with Dr. James Stewart, DDS in Livonia, MI about the possibility of replacing one or more of your natural teeth with a solution built on science. This approach can help you to retain as much of your natural bone matter at the site of tooth loss. It can also work to keep your bite strong through bone stimulation. Continue to flourish after losing one or more of your teeth!

When You Lose A Tooth

Sometimes, there is a need to remove one or more of your teeth. One common reason for this is due to serious infection. If bacteria have compromised the location, it may be more beneficial to extract the tooth rather than try to restore the existing structure. Other problems may arise as a result of physical trauma and require a tooth extraction procedure.

A Prosthodontic Solution Could Help You

After instances of tooth loss, prosthodontics aims to replace your natural tooth with an artificial substitute. This can help you to regain the ability to bite or chew in an area of the mouth. In addition, feel confident in your smile.

Dental Implants Set A Path For The Future

One of the most exciting new areas of contemporary dentistry is the placement of a dental implant solution. this technology uses titanium to build a stable foundation for your prosthetic tooth. The post grows alongside your natural bone for a snug connection. After recovery, a prosthetic attaches to your post and emulates a natural tooth. Bite with confidence through this helpful method of prosthodontic renewal.

Repairing Lost Teeth In Livonia, MI

Call James Stewart, DDS in Livonia, MI to learn more. Schedule an appointment for a consultation to determine if you are a candidate for this helpful method of prosthodontic repair can help you to bring back bite function. Discover the cosmetic advantages of dental implants as well. These tooth replacements can give you a gorgeous new portion of your smile. The versatility of implants allows you to plan for future loss or address custom needs through an adjustment to the attached prosthetic.