Does Your Smile Qualify For Teeth In A Day?

teeth in a day livoniaThe placement and restoration of dental implants could take months to complete. However, your Livonia, MI, dentist has an alternative that could complete the entire process, from placing your new teeth to restoration, in only one visit.

Who Qualifies for Teeth In A Day?

We will start the process by carefully examining your smile with advanced technology. We can assess the cause and extent of your tooth loss and identify any underlying oral health issues, and of course, look at the strength of your jawbone tissue. People lose mass and density their jawbone following tooth loss, and eventually this could make placing one or more dental implants a difficult prospect without first undergoing jawbone grafting or sinus lift.

Preparing Your Smile

With advances in dentistry and implant technology, we now know how to insert implant posts to maximize the potential to handle daily bite forces and pressure, and also stimulate the growth of jawbone issue. For that reason, we can often help people who have lost significant mass and density in the jawbone, and often support a full denture with as little as four implant posts per arch. We will use digital technology to plan the process, and then extract any remaining teeth. The next step is to insert the new roots.

Inserting Your New Teeth

Computer technology will help guide the placement process, ensuring titanium posts are placed in a way to support your new smile and help it last for decades to come. Typically, after we insert them, we would need to wait months for the osseointegration process to take place, which bonds the jawbone and the posts. However, with Teeth In A Day, we insert the posts and attach an abutment right away. We the secure a bridge or denture, all in the same visit. When you walk out of our door, you do so with a new smile!

Leaving With a New Smile

We will provide detailed instructions for caring for your new smile, and monitor you during follow-up checkup and cleaning visits. We want to help you maintain your new smile, and improve your oral health as well. If you have any questions about restoring the function, health, and beauty of your smile in only one appointment, then contact our team today to get started. You have a chance to use any remaining dental insurance benefits before they expire at the end of December.


We would like to offer a chance to transform the function, health, and beauty of your smile in one visit. To learn more about transforming your smile in a single day, then call James Stewart, DDS, dental implant office in Livonia, MI, at (734) 425-4400. We also serve the residents of Farmington, Plymouth, Dearborn Heights, and all surrounding communities.